This is the Dream Team of Film making.

Since we started making movies in 2011, and since we started the Cap Gun Productions Youtube Page, we have tried to make content that takes you out of the harsh reality and entertains you for just a little while.

Who's Who?

Cameron Spector
Cameron founded the Company back in 2010 while trying to make little videos for himself and his friends. Now he the head of the company trying to make good content for all ages.

What Do We Do?

Youtube Videos
Youtube Videos
Our Youtube channel since its inception in 2013, has never made normal content, mocking themselves to get to the heart of fun and entertainment. Although not always perfect, the style of shooting in the normal videos lets the actors shine and its many types of content show the diversity of creativity. This lets us post once every other week.
Big Picture Porjects
Big Picture Porjects
Some of these might be on youtube, but they start with an idea and they takes weeks, months or even years to make! This is what we love and what we also passion projects.

Time to Show Your Work!

We want to see your content on the Cap Gun Productions Youtube channel! We want to promote to promote those that deserve to be shown.

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